Aric Austermann's Roller Coasters

Six Flags New England (previously Riverside)

Park Info

Location Agawam, Massachusetts, United States
Owner Six Flags
Park Open1870

My Park Facts

First Visit 1994
Total Coasters 14 (3 retired)
Total Rides 156
Total Length436,015 feet (83 miles)
Total Inversions301
Total Ride Time4:23:18

Roller Coaster Ranking Ride Count First Ride
Superman the Ride3342000
Wicked Cyclone1432016
Batman - The Dark Knight75162002
Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum17512012
Mind Eraser193281997
Black Widow20331995
Catwoman's Whip21462000
Great Chase222151996
Little Rickies Little Twister22351994

Visits Pre-2015 Visits: Too Many to Count

Visit Coasters Rides Length Inversions Date
31 6 10 34,825 ft. 22 June 9, 2016